September yarn review

Yarn, yarn, yarn, it is all about yarn. Colours, textures, feelings. Knitting is an adult game, where instead of using colour pencils we use gorgeous yarns to draw our dreams.

So the first thing you have to do is GO SHOPPING! 

If you are as crazy as I am, you are likely to have set your alarm clock not to miss a yarn update from your fav indie dyer. But that is not always necessary and sometimes you can make a relax purchase, not as often as I would like to, though. 

Through my yarn reviews, I shall try to show you different sites where to buy your yarn and have a smart experience, giving you some tips to help you going through those crazy updates!!

Today we are going to get to know to fully opposite experiences, from a crazy one to a much more relaxing one.

Grab a beverage and enjoy!!



This site based in The Netherlands offers amazing yarn only available for those with very fast fingers, since skeins disappear in a few minutes.

They offer different yarn bases in beautiful colours, so it is really difficult to make up your mind. This time I took a couple merino singles and I am really happy with my purchase.

The speckles are beautiful and the yarn is very soft. I shall be using them for the What the Fade Mistery KAL.

There is no cart holder system, so you have to move fast or the skeins may vanish from your cart. It is very helpful to keep an eye on their IG profile, since they post pics of many of the yarns to be included in each update.

Something peculiar is the payment method. They do not accept Paypal, but do accept bank transfers!! The items are not paid at the time of purchase, but afterwards. If you choose to use a credit card, you have to note it at the purchase process and afterwards you get an email with a secure link to pay. 

The items are delivered via DHL and local Post service, at least to Spain. You have tracking, so it is very convenient. 

* Where to find them?





This German site is incredible, they have a permanent collection, making additions every now and then. BUT and this is a huge "but" they accept custom orders from their permanent collection, with a minimum of 3 skeins. And that is very very convenient, because they tend to sell fast.

(The above pink is Mulberry from the Sock club, so you will not find it on the site!)

There is an update every Sunday evening at 8 pm German time and again you have to move fast, however their system secures your cart for 15 minutes, so you can relax. 

It is very fun to have a look all around the yarns with lots of clock displays on them telling you how much time is left until they are free for purchase if the buyer does not pay with the time limit. 

The shipping is by means of German Post and no tracking is available, at least for Spain. 

So far I have only bought sock yarn 80/20 and it is very soft and the colours vary from subtle to vibrant. 

Next time I may use the custom service for sweater yarn and avoid the stress of the weekly update.

Do not forget to register for their newsletter, they keep you duly updated with all their news in a very efficiently way. 

* Where to find them?



(You may copy and paste these addresses to your browser bar. Sorry I cannot include links this time.)


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and in case of any doubts, you may leave a comment below or on the right thread at my Ravelry group: patchwork and cakes by josef

Happy knitting and see you next week with our first interview!!!!! (I am so so excited about this!!! )



  1. Me ha encantado el post!!!
    Gracias por la información!



  2. Las lanas se ven fabulosas pero las peculiaridades de ambos sitios me frenarían a la hora de comprar. Tanto la restricción de métodos de pago de unos como la cuenta atrás del carrito de los otros los hace merecedores del título "tiendas indies". ;-)

    Me vendrá muy bien esta sección para futuras compras pues las opciones que tenemos aquí en la ciudad son bastante escasas.

    ¡Muchas gracias y feliz vuelta al blog!

    1. Querida Alhana, conseguí activar los comentarios! Muchas gracias por tu ayuda!

  3. Querida Alhana, efectivamente toda mi atención se va a centrar en tiendas "indies", ninguna marca comercial masiva.

    La función del carro protegido no es muy habitual y tener 15 minutos para comprar es una grandísima ventaja.

    Nos vemos por aquí!

  4. Me encantan estas lanas! Muy buena selección. No me deja acceder a los enlaces (no me aparecen activos)... será un problema de compatibilidad con Apple?

  5. Querida Marian, tienes que copiar la dirección en tu navegador, no son enlaces (temas normativos) . Me alegro que te gusten las lanitas!


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