This first thing that catched my attention from this online shop was the amazing range of yarn bases they worked with. I simply fell in love!!

It is true that the site is draft in German (a language I can read), but do not be scared. Ute von Cappeln, the lady behind the scenes, is fluent both in English and Spanish, and she will solve all your doubts. In fact, she is working on an English version of the site.


What types of fibers do you work with? I buy the fibers in Great Britain or South America. I like interesting and noble mixes, so almost all my threads contain some silk, cashmir or yak.

My most important requirement? I do not buy fibers from sites where mulesing is practiced. We have an exclusive fiber that is spun in Great Britain for us and which is made up of Merino Falkland, Polwarth, Silk and Merino d'arles. We only sell it without dyeing, so we decided to call it "Ungeschminkt" (without makeup).

(For those of you who do not know it, mulesing is an awful practice, where folds of skin from the tail area of a sheep are removed in order to reduce fly strike.This process is quite painful for the sheep, since painkillers are not used.)

What types of dyes do you use? I use acid dyes. I use the colors with moderation, as little as possible, but as much as necessary. I like to combine colors and think about what the client could do with the skein. And of course I let myself be guided by my own tastes and also by the suggestions of customers.

How long does the process of dyeing from beginning to end take? That depends a lot on what you want to get, the colour you use, the type of thread ... But on average we could say that from the first to the last wash of wool can spend several hours, even days. Comparing it with a drawing: you have to paint the first layer, then another and add more colours, until the work is finished and you like it as it is.

I do not have a catalog of colors, I prefer to dye what I feel like in each moment. I dye a maximum of 600g of each color.

How did you happen to open the online store? I think it is absolutely essential to have an online store nowadays. However, most of my clients prefer to see, touch and smell the skein before buying. For this reason we like the fairs and we will also launch our mobile store that will travel to various sites in Germany in the month of October.

 I love your logo. Do you have a story to tell us about it? I wanted a "vintage" logo,  with a 50's style. I am lucky that my brother-in-law is a graphic designer and I asked him to design me a Rock'n Roll girl wearing a pony tail and knitting something. Thus, "Strickliesel" was born, the name we gave it. The added motto "Wolle macht glücklich" (Yarn makes you happy) has its own story. I had it on the street display stand when I opened the store. After listening to a lot of pedestrians reading and repeating this phrase as they passed by my shop-window, I decided to include it in the logo.

Do you combine it with a "serious" work? I had been combining it until a year ago with my work as a teacher in a private high school. I have not regretted having left it so far. I am much more satisfied with what I am doing now.

Any future plans? Q-Lana Mobile is likely to go around Spain during 2018 Spring. We are looking for interested people who are willing to receive at least 10 people at home to launch a Q-Lana yarn show. The host will receive a surprise.

These are some fairs and exhibitions where Q-Lana has recently had an stand:

19./20.8.2017: Wollfestival Köln

16./17.9.2017: German Raveler Meeting Bielefeld

30.9./1.10.2017: Berlin knits

* Where can you find her? You do not have to panic, she has a regular collection all the year round, changing colours according to seasons and mood!!

Online shop: www.q-lana.de
IG: qlana_kempen
FB: Q-Lana
Ravelry group: Q-Lana
LYS (local yarn shop): 
Kuhstr. 1
Kempen, Nordrhein-Westfalen 47906

I hope you enjoyed this post as much I did preparing it. If you have any doubts or queries, you can reach me at my Ravelry group: patchwork and cakes by josef or leave a message below.

See you soon and keep knitting!!



(All the pictures are mine or have been used with the permission of the owner, being all of them under copyright protection. Please, do not reproduce them without the due authorisation.)


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