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Xmas shopping guide 2015!!

It seems incredible that we are already preparing Christmas one more year, especially since the last few months have been very difficult on a personal level.

But the festive atmosphere should prevail, especially if you have kids around. As I always say, gifting someone does not involve burning the credit card, but rather fondly thinking about the gift recipient and looking for something they will appreciate with illusion, whether they are some cookies made by you (these recipes you can be useful here and here), whether they are sewing work, painting, scrap, etc.

Another type of gift that shows your interest is the artisan gift made by a third party, whether from the stock they already have, either custom made to your liking. And these are most of the ones to find in my shopping guides: small traders, craftsmen and small treasures that are certain to be appreciated by the recipient, unless they have a great liking of very modern items, of course !!

The guides of past years still apply, so you can take a look here for 2013 and here for 2014, except Donna Tartt's book, The goldfinch, which I was not even able to finish !! 

Differences in the guide this year? Well, no photos, because although in some shops I bought some months ago, in the most recient ones I bought Christmas presents and I cannot show them to you!! And I did not want to show pictures of some other shops and some not. True, I could have asked permission and use photos from each, but I think it is better than you, take your time to look through each  of them to your liking.

A special note for those of you who do not live in Spain: there are shops from all over the world, so I am sure you will find many of them where you can buy, so keep reading!!

In addition, I have included a section at the end with shops where I have not bought anything yet, but I think that they can be interesting and I have on my wish list.

Important things to consider before you begin:

.- I do not get any commission, or discount of anything alike from any of the shops, so it is my genuine and sincere opinion in each review.

.- Except the final section, them all are stores where I have bought and had a pleasant experience, but it is my particular case, and I cannot guarantee to you the same level of satisfaction.

.- Read carefully the specific sale conditions of each store before buying, especially on issues such as shipping, customs and manufacturing times, if any.

.- You have links to all the shops on their names. I have checked them twice, but if any does not work, please be so kind to leave me a comment.

Now it is time you grab a glass or cup with your favorite drink, a credit card or a Paypal account and let's go shopping !!


This year I found several shops that I just love, which are headed by attentive owners and many render a super fast service.


Shop with bio and eco cosmetics. Evolve brand has been a revelation and Alicia is such a charming person! Very fast service, samples and  without shipping cost (please check this last points at the time of your purchase for details).

Olivia The Shop

With a physical store in Segovia recently opened, just in case you are near to go and have a look, you will find a very complete web with fragrances, creams of all kinds and for all ages, delicatessen products, etc. His specialty are soaps and candles made by them. The Christmas packaging is gorgeous !!

Stay tunned for their novelties, which are often updated.

Scent Library

A shop based in Singapore which has no shipping costs and offers a 15% discount if you subscribe!! My favorite fragrance? "Hug me close." In case you do not dare to buy without smelling, no problem at all, for 2$ each and without postage you can purchase samples of body serum, which can be used also as perfume. Who can resist? Not me!!

Big news are comming for the Xmas season!!


We pass to a higher level with the following stores where you're going to discover precious treasures for every budget.

Michelle Hoting

From the Sonoma Valley in California, Michelle uses recycled silver to make beautiful pieces of art. Her delicacy when it comes to her different types of leaves is incredible. I have several of her pieces and I have to emphasize her immense patience, because sometimes I simply have difficulties to making a decision!! Depending on the items, you may even customize the design.

Oh my heart embroidery

From Canada, delicate embroidery adorns pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc. You can customize the background color and embroidery, as well as some designs. Needless to say I personalized mine all!!

Polly Fern

If you have Instagram and you like canaries, do not forget to keep an eye on this account. It seems that she has trained them to stay out of the cage posing for their delicate ceramic creations: brooches, plates, tiles, etc. I also love her prints and personalized initials!!

Cinnamon sticks

Many of the pieces are made for each client, so it is possible that you find something fancy that it is not going to be ready for Christmas, but certainly worth a look and who knows, perhaps for your birthday ..... ...


If you like semiprecious stones, this is your store. Color and more color in earrings, charms, bracelets and necklaces. I would take them all!


My Little Clouds

Noe personalized the stamp for my blog some time ago with so huge detail and perfection that I was impressed, because it was not an easy one, so for me it feels special that she is developing her business so far and so good. If you have an idea in your head, tell her and she will make it true.


All kinds of digital papers, labels, and a long list of resources for your crafts. Many novelties yet to come!!


From Poland, Ewa makes delicate and subtle stamps in rubber. I have a peacock and I am in love with it, so gorgeous!!


From Germany, Lilly makes stickers and beautiful illustrations, but if you can buy one of her polymeric charms and clips modeled in great detail, you will not regret. Only by order, ask her about details.


Stickers, postcards and even some original watercolor of this German artist. She has also collaborated on a calendar for 2016 super cool, but hurry up, they are flying away!!

Sami Garra

In Sami's online shop, you can find many things, but I adore her stamps and big heart, thank to both of them, now I own a fabulous collection of her feathers and they are incredible. By the way, she also has a super interesting blog !!  She ships to many countries, please check her web.


Wonderful corner to find all kinds of cute stationery, washi tape, notebooks, pens and even cool decorative item for the house.


Chic Sparrow

High quality leather notebooks, which are just wonderful. They are now incorporating new creations such as purses, etc.

The Foxy Fix

What started a year ago as a dream has just come true, with web to premiere on November 8th and reopening on Etsy on November 10th, I am like you in expectation for all the news to come!!

Perfect Planner

Those who follow me, you will know that I love Jenny, her shop, her blog and the philosophy behind it, but leaving all that aside, her custom notebooks with acrylic paint are a treasure to collect. I am stretching mine as much as possible to make them last for long, so sad to use them so fast to journal!!


The Adopt Shoppe

Beautiful prints and totes with biblical quotations. She also has an Etsy shop here for her beautiful necklaces, but it is hard work to buy, as they are sold hyper mega quick !!

El taller de Josie

Do you need to restore any old piece? Do you like pure craftsmanship? Go and check Josie's Facebook or if you are lucky you may find her in any future artisan market, since she has started to take part in some of them. I  can assure you that her work is superb !!


Below I propose a list of stores that, although I know some of the owners, as you will see, I have not bought in any of them in its online version, at least for now !!

Plaid Love Threads

Colorful embroidery work in pendants, frames, etc.


Precious rubber stamps from my dear Davinia and a little of something else.

Vuelta y Cruz

My favorite patchwork shop in Gijon, where I usually spend half of my holiday budget, has started in the online adventure. Its owner Belen is kind and lovely, I am sure she will help you and advise you if necessary.


Pendants for your diaries, journals, travel books and various accessories from Panama. If you want to custom any of them, contact Marcela, she will do a wonderful work for sure.

Gennine Etsy

Here you can purchase great Gennine's prints and a little of something else.

Gennine online

Here you will find her originals and it is where she usually posts her leather items. Stay tuned to her Instagram account, because they usually disappear quickly, quickly.

The Blue Rabbit House

Gorgeous pendants, purses, etc. with very tender drawings. It is a must in my wishlist.


Works by British artist Viv mixing paint, fabrics, etc. Price can be a bit high for some items, but I think it is worth a look. I am in love with a couple of things !!

Hinterland Mama

Ecological toys made of wood and felt in Australia, for a different treat.


Woodwork to give a rustic touch to your home. So cool!!


And this has been my guide for this year. I could have included many more shops in the Wishlist, but something must be left for next year, do not you think? I hope you like the proposals and buy some little something with great enthusiasm. If you have any question, leave me a comment and if you also want to you may leave your email and I will try to help if I may.

If you have read this far, it is that you liked it, of which I am glad and I invite you to subscribe to receive my publications, almost monthly, in your mailbox, without advertising or anything alike.

If I get a nice number of foreign subscribers, I shall start publishing in English on regular basis!!

Have a nice week and enjoy your Xmas shopping !!




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