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Moody Knitter

So far I have been searching among my fav indie dyers, stores, etc. to pick up the ones I wanted to write about. However, today we are going to get to know someone whose story really touched me.

It is quite impressive to learn how many people leave a professional career to pursue their dreams. And today here I bring one brilliant example, Stella Egidi, an Italian lady with a huge personal background.

I hope you really enjoy reading this interview and appreciate what is hidden behind a pattern, which for some people means much more than simply a knitting project, but a life project.

Why did you start designing? It was a natural step ahead of my passion for knitting and my creativity. I knit since ever, and I always tend to modify a bit any available pattern to fit my taste. Also, since a long time I used to design sweaters for myself and my kids, and many people seemed to like them. 

So, at one point it was a natural question to ask myself “Why should not I write p…

Making Stories: Woods Book

Sometimes you come across a project that calls for you and without really being sure of what you are doing you simply join because you feel that is what you should do. This is what happened to me when I learned about Woods Book.

All of a sudden Instagram was full of people saying they were backing this knitting book which was only a crowdfunding project. I learned about who was behind the scenes , Verena Cohrs and Hanna Lisa Haferkamp, and it was such a crazy but amazing project that I had to back it, although with some doubts, to be fully sincere.

But those doubts almost immediately vanished, since I was updated in detail of all the making process, from the selection of patterns to the works with the printer. It has been such an interesting process that I cannot regret it at all. 
Now that I have the book in my hands , I really feel I took part of something near to a dream come true.

You can feel the love that these two ladies put in this project, when you pay attention to the detail…

Ritual Dyes

Instagram is for me the best place for yarn research. You come across so much beautiful yarn that it is impossible not to find what you are looking for. And, of course, this is where I found Ritual Dyes, by chance and by means of a pattern designer. When I saw her kits for Sunset Highway sweater I simply fall in love. But when I got them at home, that was devotion. The colours, the touch, really gorgeous and amazing!!

For all the above reasons, I invited Rachel to appear on my blog and she was so kind to accept. So we are here today to get to know her a bit more in depth. 

When did you start dying? And why? I have been making things my whole life. I started dyeing yarn during the past couple years for fun and for my friends. I started Ritual Dyes in March 2017.  I originally  began dyeing when I wanted colors that I couldn't find in shops. It all began with wanting the perfect grey. 

Where do you do it? which kind of materials do you use? I use acid dyes for their consistenc…