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Sometimes you need to break something to get a brand new item, much better, much stronger. In the past weeks, on Instagram we are living a revolution and I am taking it as a way to meet new gorgeous and brave makers, with strong roots and values.       As you clean your house every Spring, I have cleaned my IG feed and now I am letting the bright light in. Negativity out, love in.       Aya is one great example of a brave maker who has risen her voice in a country, Japan, where that is much less than common.      I hope you take the time to read this interview, get to know her a bit more and find the need to go to her IG profile or Etsy shop.      Enjoy! ******
Why and when did you start dyeing yarn? I started dyeing yarn because it's very hard to find the yarn or clothing at shops in the vivid and bright colors I like. Japanese people seem to traditionally prefer subtle and muted colors with mostly yellowish tone, and those are not my colors. So I decided to dye yarn in the c…
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Happy New Year!!

Dear all,      It has been ages since I have been around here. I just needed to have a break and try to focus on what I want this blog to be. Sometimes routine and lack of enough time leads you to a place where you are not comfortable any more!      I am sure that if you are a knitter on Instagram , you are aware of all big conversations that knitters are going through. My position is very clear on that respect, everybody is welcome in my house, but to choose your guests you cannot be solely inspired by Instagram algorithm, you have to perform an active search.       With all the above in mind, I have decided to take this blog back to its roots and search and invite not so generally known indie dyers from all over the world to share their yarn with us. Maybe some of them are too far from you, maybe in some cases their yarn is not going to be so easy to find, but I am sure this is going to be a very interesting travel.      I hope you stay with me and enjoy!!      Of course, in t…