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September yarn review

Yarn, yarn, yarn, it is all about yarn. Colours, textures, feelings. Knitting is an adult game, where instead of using colour pencils we use gorgeous yarns to draw our dreams.
So the first thing you have to do is GO SHOPPING! 
If you are as crazy as I am, you are likely to have set your alarm clock not to miss a yarn update from your fav indie dyer. But that is not always necessary and sometimes you can make a relax purchase, not as often as I would like to, though. 
Through my yarn reviews, I shall try to show you different sites where to buy your yarn and have a smart experience, giving you some tips to help you going through those crazy updates!!
Today we are going to get to know to fully opposite experiences, from a crazy one to a much more relaxing one.
Grab a beverage and enjoy!!
This site based in The Netherlands offers amazing yarn only available for those with very fast fingers, since skeins disappear in a few minutes.

They offer different yarn base…

Welcome to my new blog!!

Hi there!!
This is the first post of a brand new blog. You may find all my old entries, which were drafted in Spanish and were about baking, quilting and sewing patchwork. I thought it was a pity to delete them.
However, from now on you are going to read (or even get at your mail box, if you subscribe) about knitting, yarn and any other related issues I may feel like to write about.
More specifically, there will be two main types of posts, at least an interview and a yarn review per month. Right now I am still organising the agenda, and since so many people accepted my invitation for an interview,  you may get them twice a month in some occasions.
Whom am I going to interview?
I have a gorgeous bunch of indie dyers, knitters, shops, etc. who have accepted my invitation, so you are going to get to know them more in depth and this should add a extra value to their yarn, patterns, etc.
Of course, if you wish me to contact someone for an interview, please leave a comment below or go to my…

No es un adiós, es un NOS VEMOS EN SEPTIEMBRE

¿Alguien se acuerda de mi? Yo tenía un blog....................este blog..................pero todos evolucionamos y hace meses que no tenía inspiración como para sentarme delante del ordenador y escribir.
Sin embargo, esta semana decidí que no podía abandonar este proyecto, sino que debía adaptarlo a mi realidad actual.
Ahora quiero daros las gracias por estar ahí, por las muestras de cariño tanto públicas, como privadas e informaros que está será la última entrada del blog actual.
Os pido que no os marchéis, aunque va a cambiar la temática, el formato y hasta el idioma, pues a partir de ahora los posts irán en inglés mayoritariamente, con notables excepciones, (pero recordad que en el lateral tenéis el boton para poder traducir el texto íntegramente).
Espero que sigáis conmigo en esta nueva etapa y si es así, nos leemos en septiembre.
¡Feliz verano!