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The Farmers Daughter Fibers

Today we are going to talk with Candice English, the indie dyer behind the scenes at The Farmers Daughter Fibers. If I would live in the United States, I think this would be my reference shop. So far I have knitted her Foxy Lady, Squish Sport and Craggy Tweed and I simply love all of them. All the colours seem to play together really well, as having a common root, despite being so different.

The first time I saw your yarn I fell in love with its colours, which types of fibers do you work with? There is something to be said about working with wool, it has so many amazing qualities. It's ruggedness and durability but yet its soft and gentle. I really just can't get enough. That's why you will find all of the yarns I dye have wool content in them. I love a rich lanolin natural fiber, but I also really love dying and working with super wash yarns as well. I feel like my creative expression is held on these yarns more than a non-Superwash wool. 

And which kind of dyes? I u…

Wool Up North

Federica Mudu is the indie dyer behind Wool Up North. This Italian lady now living in Norway has her own colour palette, full of joy and the sun from her beloved country of origin.

I was lucky enough to come across this sweet person some time ago and I enjoy her chats about anything that crosses our minds at a certain moment, from cooking to knitting, of course, always some yarn or knitting is involved!!

How did you start dyeing yarn?I fell madly in love with hand dyed yarn while I was pregnant with my younger about three years ago, I started to look into how it was made and me and my oldest boy (who was about 3 years old at that time) started playing in the kitchen with edible pigments. It was lots of fun, and lots of crazy colours. I experimented a lot with botanical dyes and professional acid pigments after that for about one year before opening my own little Etsy shop.

Do you have a chemical background? Yes, I do. I have a PhD in inorganic chemistry, and a master degree in …