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Ritual Dyes

Instagram is for me the best place for yarn research. You come across so much beautiful yarn that it is impossible not to find what you are looking for. And, of course, this is where I found Ritual Dyes, by chance and by means of a pattern designer. When I saw her kits for Sunset Highway sweater I simply fall in love. But when I got them at home, that was devotion. The colours, the touch, really gorgeous and amazing!!

For all the above reasons, I invited Rachel to appear on my blog and she was so kind to accept. So we are here today to get to know her a bit more in depth. 

When did you start dyeing? And why? I have been making things my whole life. I started dyeing yarn during the past couple years for fun and for my friends. I started Ritual Dyes in March 2017.  I originally  began dyeing when I wanted colors that I couldn't find in shops. It all began with wanting the perfect grey. 

Where do you do it? which kind of materials do you use? I use acid dyes for their consisten…

October yarn review

Fall is already here and I simply love it. It is by far my favourite season: the colours, the feelings, the start of sweater season................ So today I am going to introduce you an indie dyer, whose colours really bring the Fall to my needles. 
I found her by chance, as it often happens to me, on Instagram. I really loved her yarn at first sight, deep colours, no fluos, nor striking ones, but all of them bringing back memories of nature, earth, either with rich saturated colours or with subtle speckles. This Canadian firm looks into woods, crops or water for inspiration.

It was supposed to be very difficult to grab a skein, so I set my alarm and got ready to be fast and.........I could only grab a sock skein kit and that is how I started my VIOLA's yarn collection.

When I got it on my hands, I could not believe how soft it was and how rich was the colour. I was sure I needed more of that gorgeous yarn.
I discovered that Emily Foden, the sweet lady behind VIOLA, was prepari…


This first thing that catched my attention from this online shop was the amazing range of yarn bases they worked with. I simply fell in love!!
It is true that the site is draft in German (a language I can read), but do not be scared. Ute von Cappeln, the lady behind the scenes, is fluent both in English and Spanish, and she will solve all your doubts. In fact, she is working on an English version of the site.


What types of fibers do you work with? I buy the fibers in Great Britain or South America. I like interesting and noble mixes, so almost all my threads contain some silk, cashmir or yak.

My most important requirement? I do not buy fibers from sites where mulesing is practiced. We have an exclusive fiber that is spun in Great Britain for us and which is made up of Merino Falkland, Polwarth, Silk and Merino d'arles. We only sell it without dyeing, so we decided to call it "Ungeschminkt" (without makeup).

(For those of you who do not know it, mulesing is an aw…